Idle Pass Stand

The Addison Machine Side Pass Stands model is a sturdy compact unit that can be located on many different types of existing tube mills. This unit is very useful for producing both light and heavy wall tubes.

This height may be adjustable or fixed position. The unit consists of a welded frame housing with two adjustable spindle slide block assemblies. The slide block assemblies are adjustable via a single screw adjustment to allow the operator to adjust the slide blocks in or out simultaneously (squeeze pressure) and/or to locate the rolls laterally as a unit (tube center location).

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Models and Specifications

Model NumberTube Size Range (Inch)
SP-0750.188" - 0.750" Dia.
SP-1000.188" - 0.750" Dia.
SP-1500.250" - 1.500" Dia.
SP-150X0.375" - 1.750" Dia.
SP-2000.500" - 2.250" Dia.
SP-2500.750" - 3.000" Dia.
SP-3001.000" - 4.000" Dia.
SP-4001.250" - 5.000" Dia.
SP-5001.500" - 6.000" Dia.
SP-6002.000" - 7.000" Dia.



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