Tube Mill Systems Producing High-Frequency Welded Tubing

We offer complete tube mill production solutions for high-frequency welding applications, custom engineered and designed to match your production requirements. We partner with producers to manufacture production lines for your existing and for new tubing sizes and materials.

Our Work

Addison HF Mill Benefits

Our HF Welded Tube Mills are designed for durablility and usability

  • Made at our USA Facility
  • Designed and Built Rock Solid for Dependable Performance and Increased Uptime.
  • Easy to Use and Low Maintenance Costs with Common Sense Design and Features.
  • Heavy-Duty Components Mean Long-Lasting Accuracy.
  • Backed by Three Generations of Tube Mill Know-How.

Addison HF Mill Features

Custom engineered to meet your specific product requirements

  • Contact or Induction.
  • Rafted Modules for Quick Change Operations, Automated Systems.
  • Single-Point Adjustment Roll Stands.
  • Complete Entry Systems / Edge Trim Units.
  • Cutoff and Exit Equipment.
  • Single or Multiple Torch Welding Systems.
  • Servo-Controlled Adjustment – Programmable or Manual.
  • DC or AC Drive Systems.

Tube Mill Models

Below are the standard models for our tube mill systems

Model NumberTube Size RangeWall Thickness
AM-1500X-HF.375" - 1.750" Dia..020" - .083"
AM-2000-HF.500" - 2.250" Dia..025" - .125"
AM-2500-HF.750" - 3.000" Dia..030" - .160"
AM-3000-HF1.000" - 4.000" Dia..040" - .200"
AM-4000-HF1.250" - 5.000" Dia..050" - .250"
AM-4500-HF1.500" - 5.500" Dia..060" - .300"
AM-5000-HF1.750" - 6.000" Dia..075" - .335"


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