Tube & Pipe Roll Tooling Solutions

With a wide range of turning capacity up to 53.00" diameter rolls - we can match specific requirements with a superior solution. We put all the parts together to deliver what you need, within budget, and with complete satisfaction.

Tooling Solutions

We offer a variety of design and roll tooling solutions for your product specifications such as:

  • Up to 53" Ø Turning Capacity
  • "W" Form Breakdown Rolls
  • Modified Edge Break Rolls
  • Constant Bottom Line Design
  • Tube & Pipe Mill Rolls
  • Wear Rings for Fin Roll Assemblies
  • Floating Fin Rolls
  • Floating Flange Rolls
  • Manufactured from a variety of materials

Recontouring Services

We offer full roll recontouring and reconditioning services for multiple designs.

  • Recontour worn rolls back to print contour dimensions
  • Diameter reduction and side grinding services based on roll requirements
  • All tooling is inspected before and after service
  • All measurements are recorded and stored for future reference
  • All regrinds come back with a regrind chart detailing the service work


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