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ID Scarfing Mandrel

Looking for an ID Scarfer for your tube mill with a cutting ring that lasts longer? The cutting ring geometry on an Addison scarfing system provides maximum reliability with superior resistance to chipping and breakage. Carbide ring cutting tools create better chip flow and smoother operation without chatter. Disposable carbide cutting inserts are indexible multiple times for exceptional life.


Scarfing Mandrels remove excess material from weld seam on inside of formed tube.


  • Complete ID mechanical scarfing systems.
  • Tow rods and anchoring systems.
  • Integral mandrel impeder systems.
  • Carbide ring cutting tools for better chip flow, smooth operation - no chatter; indexible.
  • Carbide axles and bearings for maximum life.
  • Quick disconnect mandrel to reduce service downtime on most sizes.

Models and Specifications

Model Effective ID Range
AM-1400 Series.550" - .670"
AM-1700 Series.669" - .787"
AM-0100 Series.787" - 1.023"
AM-0200 Series1.023" - 1.338"
AM-0300 Series1.259" - 1.968"
AM-0400 Series1.889" - 2.834"
AM-0500 Series2.755" - 3.937"

We Partner With Tubular & Roll Form Producers to Solve Problems and Provide Solutions

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