Double Tandem Scarfing Unit for Tube Mill

The Double Tandem Scarfing Unit removes excess material from weld seam on outside of tube.

The lower unit utilized a "Vee" roller to support the tube during the scarfing operation. Passline adjustment is maintained by adjusting the roll housings via individual camshafts conveniently located on the front of the unit.

The upper unit is designed for manual (or optional air) operation of the tool engagement and dis engagement. The toolholders are adjustable simultaneously and individually (the latter is primarily used for depth of cut adjustments). Lateral slides (in or out) and toolholder slides are both hardened dovetail slides. This design limits the chances of tool "harmonics" and allows for periodic adjustments due to normal slide wear.

Each toolholder will have a positive locator "Lip" to lock the cutting tool in position. The air-actuated unit can be interconnected into your mill controls for "automatic" operation of the tool engage/disengage.

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Double Tandem Scarfing Units

Model Tube Range
DTS-300.500" - 3.000" Dia.
DTS-400.750" - 4.000" Dia.
DTS-5001.250" - 5.000" Dia.
DTS-6001.500" - 6.000" Dia.


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