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We offer full service straightener roll solutions for your production requirements from manufacturing new rolls, shafts, and housings assemblies to reworking existing straightener roll sets.

Our Work

Manufacture New Solutions

Addison Machine offers new manufacturing capabilities for Straightener Rolls from just the roll assembly (roll body & shaft) to complete offerings of the entire roll and housing assemblies including the housings, bearings, seals, and other required components.

  • Rotary Tube Straightener Rolls
  • Bar Straightener Rolls
  • Angle Straightener Rolls
  • Channel Straightener Rolls
  • Rail Straightener Rolls

Reconditioning Solutions

Addison Machine offers complete solutions for reconditioning of straightener rolls assemblies. When an assembly is received, we begin by pre-inspecting the entire unit including the roll body, shaft and housings. After inspection, we start the reconditioning process based on the appropriate requirements..

  • Roll Body Regrind Services
  • Shaft Replacement Services
  • Disassemble and Cleaning of Housings
  • Replacement of Complete Housing Assemblies
  • Cleaning and Inspection Services


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