High-Frequency Weld Box

Primary functions are to stabilize and guide the strip edges as they enter the weld apex, and to apply pressure to forge the heated edges of the formed strip together for a good weld. As such, the unit's weld rolls must be capable of providing enough pressure to upset the edges sufficiently to ensure impurities are squeezed out.

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Models & Specifications

Model Tube Range Setup Description
WB-200 .500" - 2.500" Dia. 2-Roll
WB-300-12 .375" - 2.000" Dia. 3-Roll
WB-300-15 .500" - 3.250" Dia. 3-Roll
WB-300-18 .750" - 4.500" Dia. 3-Roll
WB-300-HD-3000 .750" - 3.000" Dia. 3-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-300-HD-3500 1.000" - 3.500" Dia. 3-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-300-HD-5000 1.250" - 5.000" Dia. 3-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-400 .750" - 4.000" Dia. 4-Roll
WB-400-HD .750" - 4.000" Dia. 4-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-500 1.250" - 5.500" Dia. 4-Roll
WB-500-HD 1.500" - 5.500" Dia. 4-Roll Heavy Duty



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