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High-Frequency Weld Box

Our high-frequency weld boxes have been the industry standard for over 50 years. Tough, dependable, and designed with simplicity in mind, tube and pipe manufactures have turned to Addison Machine for the best in weld boxes. Built-in "Quick Centering Mechanism" eliminates set-up plugs and positive roll locating eliminates shimming.

Light-wall tube producers typically prefer our Chuck Rotation Mechanism. Simply by loosening the three mounting bolts on the chuck face, the entire assembly can be rotated to allow use of a single grooved roll on top to straddle the welded seam.


Primary functions are to stabilize and guide the strip edges as they enter the weld apex, and to apply pressure to forge the heated edges of the formed strip together for a good weld. As such, the unit's weld rolls must be capable of providing enough pressure to upset the edges sufficiently to ensure impurities are squeezed out.


  • Standard Three-Roll Weld Box Units have the first-ever “Quick Centering Mechanism” incorporated into the unit to provide fast and positive roll centering at setup and changeover removing the need for setup plugs or shimming. Our universal, three-jaw chuck allows each weld roll clevis to be adjusted independently or all three clevises can be adjusted simultaneously.
  • Heavy Duty Weld Boxes are designed with all adjustments on the operator side for increased operator safety and reduced mill downtime. All adjustments may be made without shutting down the mill.
  • Weld rolls manufactured from AISI H13 heat-resistant tool steel, precision machined, hardened, and ground.

Models and Specifications

Model Tube Range Setup Description
WB-200 .500" - 2.500" Dia. 2-Roll
WB-300-12 .375" - 2.000" Dia. 3-Roll
WB-300-15 .500" - 3.250" Dia. 3-Roll
WB-300-18 .750" - 4.500" Dia. 3-Roll
WB-300-HD-3000 .750" - 3.000" Dia. 3-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-300-HD-3500 1.000" - 3.500" Dia. 3-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-300-HD-5000 1.250" - 5.000" Dia. 3-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-400 .750" - 4.000" Dia. 4-Roll
WB-400-HD .750" - 4.000" Dia. 4-Roll, Heavy Duty
WB-500 1.250" - 5.500" Dia. 4-Roll
WB-500-HD 1.500" - 5.500" Dia. 4-Roll Heavy Duty


  • An optional keyway can be machined into base plate of the unit to assure proper alignment, allowing easy correction of minor mill misalignment.
  • The optional subbase allows lateral adjustment of the entire unit. Corrects for minor mill misalignment or wear and can be used to offset slight seam rolling.
  • Optional wiper plates can be attached to each clevis, offering two additional benefits. Wiper plates provide a retainer for stainless steel wool at the rear of each weld roll as a pickup remover. Secondly, mill coolant can be directed to the back side of each weld roll via a tube fitting attached to each plate; useful when mill coolant must be restricted at the point of welding.

We Partner With Tubular & Roll Form Producers to Solve Problems and Provide Solutions

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