Bead Winder for Tube Mills

The rugged functionality, real world engineering and exceptional quality of the Addison Machine O.D. Flash Bead Winder Assembly have made it the equipment of choice in the Tube Producing industry.

The unit is machined to stringent dimensional requirements and mounted on a ridged fabricated steel weldment pedestal. Each bead winder and pedestal is individually engineered to match the dimensional and speed parameters of your mill. The unit is supplied complete with electrical controls, a 1/3 HP D.C. variable speed motor and speed reducer to rotate the bead winder assembly.

A fully adjustable friction clutch, housed in a durable dust cover, allows for speed variations as the scarf ball grows on the winder spool. This unique feature reduces the possibility of the scarf breaking from excessive tension or torque applied to the spool or from a rotational speed setting that is too fast for the line speed as is common with direct drive units.




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