General Machining

Precision Machining, Large Capacity

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We partner with Tubular and Roll Forming producers to solve problems and provide solutions. Contact us for a quotation or with any questions you may have on this product.

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General Machining

Addison Machine offers a full range of machining services to meet your production needs. With multiple maching stations providing services such as milling, CNC turning, ID grinding, key seating, and more, we have the capacity and capabilities to meet your requirements.

Services Include:

  • Multiple CNC Lathe Stations
  • Turning Capacity up to 53" Diameter, 157" long parts
  • Small to Large Capacity Machining Centers
  • ID Grinding Services
  • Surface Grinding Services
  • Key Seating Services
  • Wire EDM Services
  • Precision Machining for tight tolerances
  • Final Inspection of every part on every order before shipment

We Partner With Tubular & Roll Form Producers to Solve Problems and Provide Solutions

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