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Roll Tooling Reconditioning

Reconditioning Services For Existing Tooling

Roll Reconditioning

Why Invest in Roll Reconditioning Services?

Roll tooling wears down after production runs and mill downtime is results in lost revenue. Investing in a roll tooling reconditioning program can greatly improve the life span of your roll tooling as well as greatly reduce the overall cost of production runs.

Extend Tooling Life Span

By sending your roll tooling set in for reconditioning, you will be extending the total life span by having the original, correct contour turned back into the roll profile.

Reduce Tooling Costs

Tooling costs decrease as the overall life span of the roll increases. More production runs out of your existing tooling reduces the requirement to purchase new tooling.

Fast Turn-Around Time

Because tooling only needs to typically be hard-turned, the lead time on reconditioning a set of tooling is substantially reduced from a new set.

Our Reconditioning Process


Pre-Inspection Services

When your tooling is received at our facility, our pre-inspection department analyses and measures all major dimensions of the tooling and performs a visual check for any chipping or wear.


Engineering Services

After pre-inspection is complete, the measurements and information gathered are sent to engineering for processing. Drawings and charts are issued to the shop for machining to recondition the tooling.


Turning Your Rolls

Once the drawings and setup charts are issued, your tooling will start to be machined according to the requirements of the service. Depending on the style and design of the roll, material is removed and the original contour is machined back in.


What You Receive

When your tooling arrives back to your facility, you will receive a laminated copy of the final regrind chart which details out the initial inspection measurements, the amount of material removed, and any special notes for the service. This chart is kept on file at Addison Machine for future reference.

Developing a Reconditioning Program

It is a great idea to develop a standard roll maintenance program. Because every tube mill is different, the need for regrinding depends on products run, lengths of run, etc. Many companies send rolls in after a certain footage of run time based on their past experience running product. You will always find that you will have less downtime and produce a more consistent quality product if your rolls are in good condition from being proactive.

Contact Addison Machine to discuss your tooling maintenance program and see the difference our expertise can make.

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