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April 26th, 2023

Addison Machine is preparing to ship a new High-Frequency Weld Box to an international customer. Here are some features of the weld box:

✅ This weld box consists of a three-roll setup, with an inboard clevis adjustment assembly allowing for inboard clevis adjustment on the operator's side.

✅ Utilizes our Quick Centering Mechanism to provide quick and positive roll centering at setup and changeover.

✅ This weld box comes with a lateral adjustment control assembly, which allows lateral adjustment of the entire unit. This feature helps correct for minor mill misalignment or wear and can be used to offset slight seam rolling.

✅ Here are some specifications of this weld box:
>> Tube Range: 1.500" thru 3.000" Diameter
>> Wall Thickness Range: .020" thru .156"
>> Painted in Safety Blue

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