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High-Frequency Mill Component

The Ironing Pass Stand Assembly (Model IP100) is fabricated from heavy plate steel and machined to a high degree of accuracy. Outboard bearing blocks are machined to accept precision cage roll bearings. Inboard bearing blocks house double row angular contact bearing assemblies to accurately locate the upper and lower hardened roll shafts. All four bearing blocks have easily accessible grease fittings to allow for periodic lubrication. The inboard and outboard lower bearing blocks are vertically adjustable via bearing block shims to maintain constant bottomline after the ironing pass rolls have been reconditioned.

This unit also features a camshaft for the upper roll assembly to allow the mill operator to disengage the upper roll assembly (.250" cam movement) for end welds or to lower the roll during mill startup after the O.D. scarfing has begun. Vertical adjustment of the upper roll assembly is possible via a micrometer indicated vertical adjustment screw located on the top plate.


The Ironing Pass Stand smooths the weld seam.


Models and Specifications

Model NumberTube Size Range (Inch)
IP-1000.188" - 0.750" Dia.
IP-1500.250" - 1.500" Dia.
IP-2000.500" - 2.250" Dia.
IP-2500.750" - 3.000" Dia.
IP-3001.000" - 4.000" Dia.
IP-4001.250" - 5.000" Dia.
IP-4501.500" - 5.500" Dia.
Double Tandem
0.750" - 3.000" Dia.


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