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High-Frequency Mill Component

When you need a built-to-last tube mill Edge Trimmer, look to Addison. Our extra heavy, rugged design comes in several models to accommodate strip up to 16 inches wide.


The Edge Trimmer removes uneven and rusty material edge while trimming the strip to correct width before it enters the forming section.


Models and Specifications

Model NumberTube Size RangeStrip Width (Inch)
ET-050-3.5.188" - 1.000" Dia..550" - 3.500" (2-Tool Only)
ET-050-5.0.250" - 1.500" Dia..750" - 5.000" (2-Tool Only)
ET-100-8.0.500" - 2.500" Dia.1.550" - 8.000"
ET-100-10.750" - 3.000" Dia.2.250" - 10.000"
ET-100-121.000" - 4.000" Dia.3.000" - 12.500"
ET-100-141.500" - 4.500" Dia.4.500" - 14.500"
ET-100-161.500" - 5.000" Dia.4.500" - 16.000"
ET-100-201.500" - 6.000" Dia.4.500" - 20.000"

Edge Trimmer Options


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